Blundstone: Art to Boot

After the success of the first two events, Blundstone’s Art to Boot is set to return for a third installment. Just like a fine wine, this event is sure to get better with age.

Art to Boot is a fundraising event that features works of art created by many well-known Nova Scotia artists, musicians, media personalities and community leaders. The event is unique in that the works of art are actually transformed pairs of Blundstone boots. You can’t get much more unique than that.

Once the creations are all completed, they are then auctioned off at a live auction event at FRED Salon Café and Gallery on Sept. 23. Pop by the gallery at 2606 Agricola St. during the two weeks leading up to the event to sneak a peek at these unique creations!  All proceeds from the auction go directly to fund the programs and services of the Learning Disabilities Association of Nova Scotia (LDANS).

How it all began…

As much as we’d like to take credit for developing the unique concept for the event, we can’t. It was first started in 2004 by an organization in Toronto called SKETCH - Working Arts for Street-Involved and Homeless Youth.

It has now grown and expanded into Vancouver and Halifax. To check out those events, click here

Interested in becoming an artist?

If you’re an artist and you would like information on how you can get involved, The deadline to register as an artist is August 13.

How much is it to attend?

The event is $10, which includes hors d’ouerves. The opening bid for each pair of boots starts at $75.00.