LINKS Satellite Expansion

The LINKS Satellite Expansion Project has ended as of Mar. 31, 2009. Thanks to the help of HRSDC the LINKS program will continue in Wolfville, Winnipeg, and Newfoundland. The future of the Sydney and Fredericton sites are still in development.

Since 1999, the Learning Disabilities Association of Nova Scotia has developed, tested, refined and delivered the LINKS Children's Literacy Program (LINKS) to young children at risk. LINKS is a specialized, early intervention literacy program for children in grades primary through six who are at least one year behind in their reading and/or writing skills, possibly due to a learning disability.

The LINKS Program has achieved much success with it's programming locations in Halifax and Dartmouth and the interest and need for expansion was there, both within Nova Scotia and beyond. To facilitate this expansion, LDANS was one of over 100 applicants to apply for a share of funding through Human Resources and Skills Development Canada's Call For Proposals on Sharing Innovation in the Community Not-for-Profit Sector. Out of all applicants, LDANS was one of only 14 that were successful in sharing the 2.6 million funding dollars available.

Our LINKS Children's Literacy Program - Satellite Expansion Project will run from March 2008 until March 2009. The project, already into it's second quarter, involves the piloting of five new LINKS sites across Canada. These sites will be located in: Sydney, Nova Scotia; Wolfville, Nova Scotia; Fredericton, New Brunswick; St. John's, Newfoundland and Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Each of these sites will be running their own independent LINKS site, with the hopes that they will flourish and be able to continue to serve the children and families in their communities, well beyond the extent of this funding.

At LDANS, we truly believe in the potential of LINKS to make a measurable difference in the lives of young Canadian, at risk learners.