The Minister has struck a task force to deal with the issue of cyberbullying. The task force is depending heavily on the public's input to guide their work. A website containing a survey has been developed to get input from the public including youth, parents, educators, and the community at large. The website link is

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New Executive Director

The Learning Disabilities Association of Nova Scotia welcomes Marilyn O'Neil as their new Executive Director. Marilyn brings a wealth of experience and passion to her new position. She looks forward to enhancing partnerships in the community and acting as an advocate for those impacted by learning disabilites.

LDANS: The right to learn, the power to achieve.

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Credit Bureaus Don't Want You to Read This!

Within this electronic time we're in today, your credit rating is usually the determining factor whenever a bank thinks allowing credit to you. It's important as part of your to comprehend what this three-digit quantity means and everything you may do to safeguard your best your credit rating, resource.

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Credit reporting agencies are private associations that collect your own personal data although the they don't take into consideration your present scenario procedure. I put this report to allow you to fight back and defeat the agencies at their very own game

There are many things that you can do in order to ensure that your score is as it's significant to comprehend the way your score is computed. You may additionally need to understand what your present credit history says about you. Whether there are errors in your report, you'll need to figure out the best way to repair them. Identity theft is an increasing issue and we'll summarize what you can do to ensure when it occurs to you personally that you're protected.There are lots of businesses out there that'll allow you to repair your credit, but do you know whether they're valid or not.

Obtaining your credit score

There are three credit bureaus that you need to be aware of because your credit score or FICO score can vary from each bureau. Do not rely on just one for all of your information. Some lenders only report to one while others may report to all three.

Understanding your credit score

Each bureau works on the modified variant of the Fair Isaacs marking System. Equifax gets the BEACON system FICO Hazard Score system. It's important to understand that every bureau uses a somewhat different grading system because scores will be Distinct. Significant and what's less significant